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Christmas is near and in our backyard there are numerous reasons to be excited. Like a line drawing waiting to be animated in color, we are proud to present the new additions to the Lilystars family. Expect their recordings to appear and be heard across the net very soon!
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Cameron Aquino aka Patience Dear Juggernaut
Cameron Aquino


Patience Dear Juggernaut is the solo project of Manila-based songwriter and filmmaker Cameron Aquino, who writes, composes and plays the music for all of his songs. Cameron Aquino was a former guitarist of the indie band Narda and is the guitarist-keyboardist of Us-2 Evil-0.

The artist’s style can be characterized by ‘60s style harmony vocals, psychedelic chord progressions, robotic beeps and bleats, and progressive song structures, while his lyrical style leans towards the Dionysian and the absurd. His debut album tentatively titled “Resilience Sweet Goliath” is in the works and is being produced by Lilystars Records.



Ness Urian – vocals/12 strings acoustic
Monch Cristobal – vocals/bass
Joseph Rovero – electric guitars
Bachie Rudica – drums

The song wafting through your mind calls to memory an eternal summer spent with a first love… or of a rainy afternoon spent in the warm indoors—never mind that the lyrics sing of ironic love, a boy’s girl troubles or life’s everyday pickle—what you remember is the warm, daydream-y sensation the song leaves you with.

The Gentle Isolation (from L-R: Monch Cristobal, Ness Urian, Bachie Rudica and Joseph Rovero)
The Gentle Isolation (from L-R: Monch Cristobal, Ness Urian, Bachie Rudica and Joseph Rovero) Photo courtesy of Jorge's Portrait Studio.

Such are the songs crafted by Bulacan-based quartet, The Gentle Isolation. Three years a new wave cover band until they elected to re-format their sound in the Summer of 2009, Monch, Bachie, Ness and Joseph have since traded their synth-based pop for the fluid, easy-going kind. Despite the shift in genres, the band has maintained traces of their musical roots amidst the jangly guitars, elastic bass lines, brittle 12-string acoustic strumming and bare vocals that characterize their music today. Think Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura taking a tutorial from the Stone Roses and vice-versa.

Pending releases for an exciting compilation project with local independent label Lilystars Records, the group regularly makes their rounds in gig circuits within and outside Metro Manila, accessing audiences who are initially unaware of this type of pop music. Consequently, this earns them the attention that inspires them to continue penning infectious melodies that may someday soon be the soundtrack of everyone’s long and lazy Sunday drives.


Your Imaginary Friends (from L-R: Eric Po, Ed Tanji, Tanya Singh and Ahmad Tanji)
Your Imaginary Friends (from L-R: Eric Po, Ed Tanji, Tanya Singh and Ahmad Tanji). Photo by Daphne Oliveros.


Ahmad Tanji – vocals/guitars
Tanyan Singh – vocals/bass
Ed Tanji – guitars
Eric Po – drums

When fate and fine intentions cross paths, something wonderful must be on hand… and whoever said that good things are worth the wait must have envisioned Your Imaginary Friends lingering in the wings. Four years in the making before arriving at their current lineup, Tanya Singh joined brothers Ahmad and Ed Tanji and Eric Po  in April 2009 with a resolve to do their bit in the name of pop music. They have since been conquering varied audiences with their arresting brand of refreshing pop.

Taking cues from the Pixies, The Smiths and Death Cab For Cutie, those who come to experience the band live wait with curiosity until the first line drops to reveal an eargasmic mash-up of the band’s influences—whether it’s their rendition of “Where Is My Mind” by Pixies or their original material, this quartet does not disappoint.

With the lofty aspiration to save the world one pop song a day, it is not at all astonishing that Your Imaginary Friends is answering the call. Pop fans welcome the four-piece and their music with more than open arms and ears, putting them on the fast track to their purpose of resuscitating an industry already overwhelmed by insipid repetition. Due in 2009 is a two-song release in collaboration with Lilystars Records. Anticipating this is in the horizon, there is nothing to fear for the future of pop music.



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