IN REVERIE: A Lilystars Indie Christmas Compilation Album

In keeping up with the tradition of spreading Holiday cheers, this 11-track album offers heartfelt music that evokes the reassuring comfort of home and togetherness even in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

We wanted to end the year with a special release. A Christmas compilation album sounded like a fantastic idea and we challenged some of our artists to write and produce their own original Christmas-inspired song.Eleven artists from our current roster participated in the call for submissions, which is more than enough to complete a proper album. The result is a unique collection of songs, defined by the sound of each artist and their own personal sentiments about the season. The tracklist includes:

1. Christmas Daydreams – Orange & Lemons
2. Blue For Christmas – Meagan Trees
3. The Kids Are Out – The Bloomfields
4. 1225 – Project Orange
5. Feliz Navidad (I’m Falling Apart) – Dey Rose
6. This Christmas Time – Dustybuns
7. A December Afternoon – Parasouls
8. Yo! Santa! – The Charmes
9. Christmas Mourning – The Geeks
10. Xmust – Kubra Commander
11. Good Night – Starry Eyed Cadet

Cover Art by Ige Trinidad

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There was no selection process. Just a call for submission and interest. We have high regard for the capacity of our artists and their contribution exceeded our expectations. We commend their commitment to producing the tracks on their own, either recording at home or with help of friends or people they work with to bring life to their record.

For the most part, this album is a reflection of longing, hope, and love. A call to keep our spirits alive no matter what we are facing. There are also tracks about celebration, optimism,  loneliness and even dismay. Christmas can mean a lot of things to different people and celebrated in a myriad of ways, or not celebrated at all. That’s how personal the songs are.

Helmed with Hallmark-inspired melodies, vibrant arrangements, and intimate songwriting, the songs in IN REVERIE offer an alternative listening experience for discerning music fans who want their Christmas jams a little bit on the obscure side. It covers a diverse selection of tunes with genres spanning indie pop, folk, blues, jazz, indie rock, twee, electronic pop, post-punk, and alternative music.

A number of tracks indirectly address the current pandemic situation. We can’t say if this release will have an impact on those who are having a difficult time with the pandemic, but we are hoping it does make a difference, and we look forward to the reception. This serves as our gift to music fans this holiday season.

IN REVERIE: A Lilystars Christmas Compilation is now available on all digital platforms worldwide. Stream on Spotify:

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