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Panting Heart - Dey Rose (Vinyl)

Dey Rose is bent on recording and producing her very first EP “Panting Heart”. Her well-received debut single “Puzzle Piece” released last January will be part of this project. The singer-songwriter and sound engineer from Vancouver recently launched an Indiegogo campaign, inviting music fans to support the next phase of her budding musical career. For the full story about this campaign visit:

Photo by Crae Media:

Check out the cover art and track list below:

Panting Heart on Vinyl. Cover Art by Ige Trinidad
Panting Heart EP - Dey Rose (CD)
Panting Heart on CD. Cover Art by Ige Trinidad.

Panting Heart EP (Tracklist)
1. Panting Heart
2. Bad News
3. Paulit-Ulit
4. Di Mo Lang Alam
5. When I’m With You
6. Puzzle Piece (available on Spotify)

Pre-order on Indiegogo:

Aside from physical copies of the records, Dey Rose is offering limited edition merchandise and other perks. Campaign backers will also intantly receive free high quality audios of her single “Puzzle Piece” as well as the  upcoming second single “When I’m With You” in advance.

Pre-order on Indiegogo:

Listen to her debut single “Puzzle Piece”


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