Them Bloody Royals And Their Updated Version Of “You Are Coralline”

In their continuing bid of reinventing themselves, Them Bloody Royals decided to re-record one of their more familiar songs from years ago. This updated version of You Are Coralline from their early years as The Royal signal their growth in production and arrangements. 80s inspired synth-pop for your dance playlist!

Released March 20, 2020

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Words by Sib Sibulo & JT Flameno
Music by Sib Sibulo, Jiggers Vergel De Dios, Diego Beltran, JT Flameño, Alexis Sarmiento

Produced by Jep Cruz
Recorded & Engineered by Daniel Garcia
Mixed & Mastered by Aaron Gonzales
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Point Bee Multimedia, Quezon City

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