The Electric Switch-Over

Ever since I bought an acoustic guitar equipped with electronic pickups and EQ system plus a handy built in tuner back in 2007 most of my electric guitars started collecting dusts. After my unfruitful pertinacious resistance to be expelled by my former group (which led to disbandment – what a big relief from inauthenticity – to be part of them is now death by association), I started writing songs to perfectly pair with my acoustic guitar. A real intent to go back to minimalistic indie stylings which can now be heard in Pocket Guide To The Otherworld.

Clinically Dead For 16 Hours –  The Camerawalls (Music Video – August 2008)

This move has received some negative impression since most of the people who are familiar with my performances still prefer the weight of an electric guitar resting over my shoulders. It can be compared to Dylan on a very tiny level. Nevertheless i enjoyed the difference it made cause I feel like I’m really embarking on a new career.

Clinically Dead For 16 Hours – The Camerawalls (MYX Mo –  November 2008)

Things are bound to change and when it did started to bore me I finally decided to reintroduce the electric guitar in our set. And what can i say… I effing miss it! Below are two recent video clips i stumbled on youtube. Thanks to Edszy for uploading.

Clincally Dead For 16 Hours – The Camerawalls (Jam Musicfest – May 2009)

That’s Entertainment – The Camerawalls (Jam Musicfest – May 2009)

The last one is a bonus vid and a favorite of mine from The Jam which was first introduced to me by Morrissey in his own slow and amazing acoustic version. Incidentally, The POP Shoppe! is hosting a tribute night for Paul Weller on June 18th and The Camerawalls will be performing more great songs from The Jam. You can check out the poster under the Events tab or click  Here.

An opportune time to hold the electric guitar once more against my heart… and probably with another record. Enjoy the videos and hope to see your endearing smiles during gigs. 🙂


  1. i first learned to play guitar on an electric guitar… its friendlier to my little fingers… although acoustic guitars have its own charm… im partial to the endless possibilities that electric guitars offer. ;P its great to see that you’ve embraced it again! =)

  2. kuya clem!? hmmm is it possible for your album and your future ones be available in music stores nationwide? just hoping though..

  3. …ahmm, i just dont like the sounds of electricguitar for MARKERSOFBEAUTIFULMEMORIES during your slot last FETEDELAMUSIQUE, Just the FIRST PART,sabog ser!=)
    BUT it turned out OK on the latter part. I loo0ove those moves!!! cute!hope to see again more gigs of your band! kudos!

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